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St. Joe's Accountability Coalition (SJAC)


SJAC is a coalition of community groups and unions committed to ensuring that St. Joseph Hospital – and its corporate parent Ascension Health – live up to their obligations as nonprofit institutions.

St. Joseph's Hospital in Milwaukee is one of 150 hospitals owned and operated by Acension across the country - the largest private nonprofit health corporation in the US. As a nonprofit corporation, Ascension is:

  • exempt from income tax (federal and state)

  • exempt from property tax (state local)

  • exempt from sales tax (state and local)

  • able to borrow money through tax-exempt municipal bonds

  • able to solicit tax-deductible contributions

Ascension is an enormous business. The corporation took in $25.3 billion in operating revenue in fiscal year 2020. Despite being a nonprofit entity, Ascension routinely posts hefty profits and sits on huge cash reserves. Financial records show that Ascension posted a total profit of $5.3 billion (including investment returns) for the first three quarters of fiscal year 2021, finishing the period with a whopping $27.1 billion in net assets.

Ascension also compensates its executives very well. In 2019, Ascension paid:

  • Joseph Impicciche, President and COO = $7,251,194

  • Anthony Tersigni, Chair of Ascension Capital = $10,631,627

  • Anthony Speranzo, CEO of Ascension Capital = $10,946,473

  • Patricia Maryland, Executive Vice President= $16,377,863

In 2018, Acension SE Wisconsin Form 990 information, shows that $42,292,873 was spent on community benefits - equating to 10.78% of their functional expenses that year. 


St. Joseph's Hospital

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